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Customer Testimonials
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"For every business I get from here on out, there's going to be a Clover Station in every one of them."

Andrew Gomez, owner of Gomez Salsa


Clover Station - a No-brainer for Larry's Giant Subs

Learn how Clover Station has been an eye-opening solution for Larry's Giant Subs.

The Beer Growler Finds Time For Growth with Clover Station

Learn how Clover Station has made inventory management a breeze for The Beer Growler.

Perfect Brows Gets Interactive with Customers through Clover Station

Learn how Perfect Brows has created a more interactive customer experience with Clover Station.


San Anselmo Optometry - Clover Mini Success Story

A touch screen, intuitive interface, and a sleek design separates Clover Mini from the rest. It's much more than just a terminal.

Jay's Steakhouse - Clover Mobile Success Story

Learn how Clover helped Jay Walters connect with his customers and build up his business.